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Orion Stars Enterprise
3D Stickers
Bead Nail Tattoos
3D, Glam Rhinestone, Hologram 3D, & Clay 3D Stickers,  Bead Nail Tattoos, & Pro Deco Sparkles
Glam Rhinestone Stickers
Clay 3D Sticker 01
Clay 3D Sticker 02
Clay 3D Sticker 03
Clay 3D Sticker 04
Clay 3D Sticker 05
Clay 3D Stickers
Pro Deco Sparkles Star Aurora
Pro Deco Sparkles Star Silver
Pro Deco Sparkles Star Gold
Pro Deco Sparklers
These are ornamentals for nails. Anyone can adhere to nails easily and simply. Apply to topcoat for keeping it long.
You can creat pretty and fancy nail design by attaching 'Konad Pro Deco Sparkler' on your nails.
Depends on the light or angle, it glitters in aurora color and beautiful design, luxurious color makes your nail more attractive.
it is also be able to use with Acrylic UV Gel art.

1. Gently grind and clean nail surface with file.
2. Apply top coat or regular polish and put 'Konad Pro Deco Point Glitter' on your nail before dry.
3. It is good to use top coat with wood stick or sharp brush when you put 'Konad Pro Deco Point Glitter' on your nail.
4. Finish up with applying top coat after design your nail.

Please put the lid back on after use.
Hologram 3D Nail Sticker 02
Hologram 3D Nail Sticker 03
Hologram 3D Stickers
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