Orion Stars Enterprise
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Image Plate M40 - M79
Image Plate S02 - S10 &  
Large Demo Plates
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Nail Polish (12ml)
Two Sided Stamp & Scraper
Two-sided stamp (the small side is green and the larger side is red) & Scraper
50 rhinestones per package
Assorted Rhinestone Kit
Kit includes a small size, pen type top coat, body glue, acrylic stick, 9 different style & color rhinestones
3D Stickers
Beads Nail Tattoos
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Image Plate Holder
It holds the image plate in place.
Nail Polish Remover Pump Bottle
185ml/6.527 fl. oz. (empty)
Glitter Nail Art Pen
Konad Nail Art Pen Comes complete with a thin, pointed brush, enabling you to do the most intricate designs. Silver, Gold
French Nail Correction Pen (with extra tips)
Konad Nail Polish Corrector Pen removes stray nail polish easily and with precise control. Comes with 1 corrector pen and 3 extra pen tips.
Ceramic Foot File
Two-sided ceramic foot file. Easily removes Calluses and Dry Skin. Leaves Skin Feeling Noticeablely Smoother. Indications: Rough, Dried skin, Corns and Callus, Hard skin, Dry skin
2 Way Nail Art Pen
10ml 2-Way Nail Art Pen, complete with a thin pointed brush, enables you to make some dots, delicate lines and a free drawing. Available in Black Pearl, Pastel Green, Pastel Pink, Violet Pearl, and White
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(10ml) (Base Coat)
Stamp & Scraper II
Plastic Scraper
Image Plate M01 - M39
Hologram 3D
Glam Rhinestone
Clay 3D Stickers
Pro Deco
KONAD Image plate book features 28 application nail art designs of each image plate. This book includes sample design images from M01 to M88.
Sponge Leather 14.5x13x7cm. Basic pouch of butterfly design. Simple storage for make up kit and various equipment with inner separate net. Hood type with handle. Pouch does not include any Konad products.
Multi Stamp
Package Includes: 1 2-way Stamp with scraper attached (All-in one stamp & scraper system), 1 stand
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Image Plate M80 - M95
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